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5 Questions Everyone Asks About Our Sports Data Feed Connector For Adobe Premiere Pro

#1 What Is the benefit?

One of the biggest problems facing production teams is the time and expense required to manually log their licensed sports data. Our connector can dramatically increase turnaround times, while also reducing the labor hours required in the logging and production process.

For example, manually logging a Premier League game can take 120 minutes, however, with our sports data feed connector all content is logged automatically as event markers. This allows your content creators to easily search for the most important events and build highlights packages quicker and easier.



YES. Our automated marker creation feature is supporting importing game data as markers into Adobe Premiere Pro. The metadata added can be easily searched using the Adobe Premiere search box.


#3 Does it work with Edit-While-Capture/Growing clips?

YES. It supports growing files.


#4 Which data sources does it support?

We support data feeds for all major sports. The providers are OPTA, Sportradar, NAB, Olympics Data Feed (ODF), and many others. We also support importing logs from other systems/databases like EVS.


#5 How can I test it ?

Contact us and we will provide you with a free trial version.