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#1 What Is the benefit?

One of the biggest problems facing production teams is the time and expense required to manually log their licensed sports data. Our connector can dramatically increase turnaround times, while also reducing the labor hours required in the logging and production process.

For example, manually logging a Premier League game can take 120 minutes, however, with our sports data feed connector all content is logged automatically as event markers. This allows your content creators to easily search for the most important events and build highlights packages quicker and easier.


#2 Does it create EVS logsheets and playlists automatically?

YES. Our automated logsheet creation feature is creating EVS logsheets automatically. The logs can be easily be enhanced with emotional logs using our touch screen logger and searching and finding logs is easier than ever. We also automate highlights creation on the EVS system so that you can go to social media quicker than ever.


#3 Does it work with Edit-While-Capture/Growing clips?

YES. It supports growing files.


#4 Which data sources does it support?

We support data feeds for all major sports. The providers are OPTA, Sportradar, NAB, Olympics Data Feed (ODF), and many others.


#5 How can I test it ?

Contact us and we will provide you with a free trial version.


Olympic Rings

What is the Olympic Data Feed (ODF)?

The Olympic Data Feed (ODF) is the IOC’s official data delivery platform for all Olympic events. It sends schedule information about upcoming events as well as data logs about live and past events as XML files.

This allows the IOC to provide centralized and consistent data to all of its partners and licensed rights holders around the world. These stakeholders can then process and relay the desired information to their audience. This can be provided in a wide variety of formats such as highlights packages, live tickers and website content. The data provided is a very high through-put feed and individual XML messages sent for events can number in the thousands.

As the technical lead of the BBC’s Olympics 2012 project describes, it allowed them to provide detailed and fast event data and statistics for 10,490 athlete pages, 174 endpoints and ten different BBC Olympics products, such as their Interactive Video Player and mobile app. It provided automatic updates for their audience as well as easy and effective access for journalists and content curators.
How can I get access to the Olympic Data Feed?

YEPCO Olympics Data Feed Overview

YEPCO Olympics Data Feed Overview

The Olympic Data Feed is owned and created by the IOC, thus controlling the distribution of all results and data for their events. It provides the ODF to IT Providers, International Sports Federations and National Olympic Committees as well as licensed media partners and sports websites. Along with our dedicated Olympic Data Feed Connector, YEPCO can assist organizations wishing to become licensed partners by connecting you with the IOC itself and other business partners.

How can YEPCO help to cut effort using the Olympic Data Feed?

YEPCO makes the Olympic Data Feed available inside Avid MediaCentral. This automates the creation of highlights sequences, cutting the effort and workhours necessary to turn your data into functional content. It also gives your sports journalists faster and easier access to your content.

Automatically Create Highlights

With YEPCO you will have the ability to automatically create highlights for specific threads of interest such as medal journeys, nation specific performances and individual athletes. For example, you can set filters to automatically compile a highlights package for all of Norway’s medal winning athletes in Alpine Skiing.

Without the need to individually track and combine highlights packages you will be able to create the content you want faster than your competitors, without having to increase your workforce.

Easy access to all upcoming and past events

You will also have the ability to view all upcoming and past events inside Avid MediaCentral and the data and video highlights associated with them.

This allows ingest operators and sports loggers to combine Olympic events and their associated metadata with the video recordings. Your journalists and content creators will have direct access to high levels of event data to create richer levels of detail.

Content logged automatically

All logs are available within Avid MediaCentral which makes for easily readable and clickable highlight options with instantly loading video.

Your journalists and content creators can quickly and efficiently locate the participants, competitions and results they want from among the hundreds of Olympic events. The ease of searching and filtering information and highlights allows them to create rich and effective content quickly and easily on their own.