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Automated Highlights

Cut effort on highlights creation with automated rules

Automated Logging

Cut effort on logging using sports data feeds

Connect Data, Cut Effort

Cut your costs by up to 50%. Reduce manual work and maximize value from your licensed sports content.

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For EVS IPDirector

Import logs from Opta, Sportradar, The Olympics and many others into
EVS IPDirector


YEPCO is a Technology Partner of EVS


For Avid MediaCentral

The Sports Logger for Avid
Import logs from Opta, Sportradar, The Olympics and many others into Avid MediaCentral | Cloud UX


For Adobe Premiere Pro

Import logs from Opta, Sportradar, The Olympics and many others into Adobe Premiere PRO

YEPCO_Adobe_Premiere_PRO copy

Touch Screen Logger

Log faster than ever using touch screens and tablets

Manual Logging
  • Sports Logger
    • $ contact us Perpetual & Subscription available
      • Live Logging
      • Touch Screen Logger
      • Logging without Asset
      • Archive Logging
      • Hotkeys
      • Auto Completion
      • Colored Rows
      • Filtering Logs
      • Sequence Creation
      • Exporting Logs
      • Importing Logs

    • Contact Us
Auto Logging
  • Data Connector
    • $ contact us Perpetual & Subscription available
      • Opta Connector
      • Sportradar Connector
      • Olympics Data Feed (ODF) Connector
      • Automated Logging
      • Automated Highlights Creation
      • Automated Keyword Translation (into your language)

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This Tool Is Worth It

We are focused on increasing our clients’ productivity and delivering a clear return on their investment.

  • Reduce effort
  • Cut costs
  • Get more done within the same time
  • Increase output
  • Install and configure the connector in-house and avoid burning your budget on a custom-made solution
  • Add additional metadata fields so loggers can easily enhance content with emotions, ratings, and other insights
  • Achieve much faster turnaround times with logs being added automatically
  • As a sports journalist you will be able to find more valuable content because more assets are logged and locatable
  • Find relevant scenes faster with richer and more precise metadata.
  • Reporting and story writing become easier
  • Greater detail on vital scenes
  • Roster buttons are updated automatically so you don’t have to create and import buttons yourself
  • Log more games with ease as we take care of the heavy lifting (adding player names and pass, foul, goal, etc.)
  • Gain the freedom to focus on adding uniqueness to your content.
  • Log what makes a scene special: What emotions are in play and what story does it tell?

Our products are focused on sports production, great usability and fast turnaround .

The Team

We believe we can dramatically improve efficiency and boost productivity throughout the sports media industry.

Marcel Cherubin

In 2016, Marcel Cherubin, a long-time veteran of the media software industry, formed this team of Avid specialists sharing his vision.

Global Team
A global team

We are a team of 7 software developers and UX designers spread across the United States and Europe to provide fast response times.

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You’re not going to hit a ridiculously long phone menu when you call us. Your email isn’t going to the inbox abyss, never to be seen or heard from again. At YEPCO, we provide the exceptional service we’d want to experience ourselves!

Live Logging

Touch Screen

Fast Turnaround

Archive Logging


Feed Connector

Email: info@yepco.com

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Phone: +49 1733082188

We speak English, French, and German

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