More data, more storytelling. Learn how German Bundesliga and YEPCO improve storytelling:

DFL, Deutsche Fußball Liga ("German Football League") is responsible for the entire operating business of the "Bundesliga" and provides a massive amount of data to sports broadcasters. In a partnership with DFL, YEPCO made sure the data is presented to sports journalists in a usable way allowing them to tell more compelling stories.

Major Pain Points

• Great analytics data available as data feed but not yet consumed by sports broadcasters
• Existing production systems were not designed to import and display rich sports metadata
• Sports broadcasters had no resources to implement a connector by themselves


• Give sports journalists the data in a form that is consumable by them
• Supports better storytelling by making the data available within the existing production system
• Support multiple sports data feed provides in parallel while keeping the data consistent


• Design a UI that provides sports journalists only with the data they need
• Improve users' productivity with great UX
• Map the metadata fields from multiple sports data providers so that the users' experience is always consistent


• Sports journalists are now using the data to tell more compelling stories
• Additional statistics data allows for adding more richness to the stories
• A reduced User Interface helps sports journalists being focused


Fans have now access to additional stories and more context around the match, such as "most pressed payers", "trends", and "alarms on exceptional behaviour".