Combining the best scenes of a match with an interview is essential to give fans the ability to review the match.

Sports broadcasters are under a lot of pressure to produce more content quickly. When transcribing interviews can take hours, that pressure becomes more challenging.

Major Pain Points

• Transcription process was manual
• Transcription process was slow
• Many hours of unused content


• The transcription process needed to be transformed from a slow manual process into a fast workflow.


• Connecting the production system with a Cloud-based transcription service
• Automatically connecting the transcripts with the video assets
• Improving sports journalists' productivity by supporting them with a great user experience


• Increased productivity by providing a great user experience to sports journalists
• Reduced costs by saving on manual transcription hours
• Much faster turnaround by automating the production process


Manually transcribing and creating highlights from the transcript used to take multiple hours. YEPCO helped getting the content out quicker by accelerating the workflow. Making the transcripts available to journalists faster, this also means faster turnaround workflow.