Here is how a large sports broadcaster uses YEPCO to boost their output!

Content creation (mainly soccer highlights) was a predominantly manual process at this site. The challenge was that the output was limited by the size and availability of the team. Management had the wish to create more output while keeping budget and staff the same size with automated soccer highlights.

Major Pain Points

• Output limited by manual resources


• Increase output with the same amount of resources


• Create highlight edits automatically
• Improve users' productivity with great UX
• Automate the graphics creation process


• from 1 to 2 additional sports covered
• from 1 to 2 additional shows
• 400% increased productivity


The automated sport highlight production not only helped producing more content within the same amount of time and budget limits, YEPCO also helped to boost the team's creativity by giving them freedom to produce additional shows and cover more sports simultaneously.