A large African broadcaster uses YEPCO to produce Reality TV shows more efficiently

Reality TV production is all about the highlights. An African broadcaster decided to make logging and highlights more efficient using YEPCO.

Major Pain Points

• Touch screen logger with multicamera support needed
• Existing production tool was not integrated with Avid
• A lot of input needed to be melted down into daily output


• Apply metadata model to the Reality TV use-case
• Allow admins to easily modify the participants in the touch screen logger
• Allow producers to quickly condense the best scenes of the day


• Allow admins to easily configure the system by themselves
• Improve users' productivity with great UX
• Have predefined searches and filters for producers so that they can produce faster


• Multiple days and weeks of content logged
• Multiple episodes produced
• More content produced within the same time than ever before


Taking the YEPCO approach that is mainly focused on sports production and applying it to a Reality TV use-case has proven that the principles are the same. It is all about making story telling more efficient and creating meltdowns containing the most emotional moments of a day in the least amount of time.