How a large German broadcaster uses YEPCO to create subtitles automatically.

YEPCO automatically imports data from a cloud based speech to text service and makes the content available within the production system.

Major Pain Points

• Subtitle creation was a manual process
• File format did not match the needs of the production team
• Workflow was not ideal for neither the broadcast nor the online team


• Implement a new subtitle creation workflow ideal for both: Avid and Adobe editors


• Analyse the needs of all stakeholders
• Improve users' productivity by providing the subtitle data where they need it
• Provide the right file format to users depending on the tools they are using


• Avid users have access to subtitles at their fingertips
• Adobe users have access to subtitles at their fingertips
• Faster turnaround workflows


Implementing a new subtitling workflow using YEPCO helps broadcast and online editors becoming more productive and helps delivering content quicker.